M&A Solutions is a family run business, with several generations of experience and world views.  


Anna Knezevic

Anna is a CFA Charterholder, a Fellow of Actuaries Institute, Civil Advisor of 3rd rank to the government of the Russian Federation and is studying towards her her PhD in Mathematics.  She is passionate about quality and efficiency. Anna as spent most of her life helping variety of companies from high-end fashion to recycling to high tech create a better product and optimise their operations.  Anna's expertise is extremely diverse, as her travels have taken her all the way around the world. Today, Anna is reponsible for running and upkeep of ongoing projects, and new client engagement.

Mark Knezevic

Mark is a Professional Risk Manager, and has extensive experience in public service. Mark is currently undertaking his own research within the scope of Risk Management.  He is well versed in procedural and administrative matters, and provides a counterbalance to Anna's enterpreneurial nature.  Mark's expertise lies in Macroeconomic events, and observation of larger trends in the market.   He is responsible for the strategic, and presentational aspects of the projects.